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So you wanna know the meaning behind the sacred words of Smappdooda? We see you have traveled far and wide to answer the question burning deep inside you of, "What are you guys smokin' anyway?" Well finally all will be revealed. (Mainly so we don't have to keep telling people. They can just look here. We're lazy. Sue us.)

Many many moons ago a compatriot and I were looking thru some books at my family's abode and stumbled upon a book... This book to be exact!!

Smapp Origins Book

Inside laid many concept drawings and sketches for movies that you may have well seen. Accompanying these pieces of superb art were funny write ups and the like. Ads for single aliens seeking same and 12 step programs for monsters. One of these such diversions was entitled how to cook a Smapp. The picture was not pretty. A big brown red-lipped dog thing. (Concept drawing for a death dog in Willow we presumed.) Well we thought the word Smapp was the funniest damn thing we had heard and started using it as a word quite often. But wait, there's more...

Flash forward to November, 23rd of 1995. A magic show at one of the last Dallas Fantasy Fairs ever. The place? The Harvey Hotel in Addison. Bizzaro and Sable on stage, making complete fools of themselves. These were the days before the Optical Illusionist moniker. In a fit of pure improv, using a trick we had not rehearsed with, I reached into the air for a magic word and brought forth into this world the amazing, "SmappDooDa"!!! (WE FINALLY FOUND THE TAPE!! Have a look at the footage Here. Remember tho' this is over 10 years old now. It's not great quality. You can see the look on my face as one of confusion. Nothing out of the ordinary for us however.)

Now in the present, Smappdooda has become the official magic word of Bizzaro. The Optical Illusionist and Fire Cat Studios. Not only a catchy phrase but also our home away from home here on the net. So next time someone looks at you funny when you say the word, direct them here and know now that you know you are now in know?

Or somethin' like that....

Smappdooda and all other biten on this website is 1995-2011 Fire Cat Studios.
Now, as you were...